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It is important that your personal data is secure. We apply General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to our services and comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who works with your personal data?

To ensure that we can answer your questions on the effects of the COVID-19 vaccinations, we need to process personal data. We use and store your data. We always do this according to the rules of the law. This means that we handle your personal data properly and safely. We will let you know what data we have about you, what we do with it and who works with it.

Your data will be processed by the following organizations:

  • GGD GHOR Netherlands
  • V. Nederlandse Hulpverleningsorganisatie – SOS International

What personal data do we use?

To answer your questions by phone, we need some personal data from you:

These are the personal data we need from you:

  1. First & last name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Recording of the telephone conversation (if you have allowed this)

What happens to your personal data?

We use your personal data to enable a telephone session with a healthcare professional.

Below you can see what happens to your data.

  1. Website
  2. Telephone contact
  3. Administration

Step 1: You can access the website questions about corona via the internet

Via the website you will find information about the platform as well as the telephone number you can call regarding your questions on the sars-cov-2 virus or the vaccinations.

Step 2: For questions on the sars-cov-2 virus, COVID-19 or the vaccines you call 0800 770770 7

During or after visiting the website, you can decide to contact us by phone for your questions on the sars-cov-2 virus, the effects of COVID-19 or the vaccines. Before all telephone calls we request permission to record the call. When connected, you will be able to ask questions to our service provider on the “First Line”. Considering your questions, you can be redirected to or called back by the Second Line, on which you can speak to a healthcare professional. For this interaction it may be that your name is included if you have allowed recording the conversation.

Step 3: Aftercare/administration

After a possible deployment, the process is evaluated by GGD GHOR Nederland. Some telephone conversations that have been recorded will be listened to. These recordings are used exclusively for quality and training purposes and thus contribute to the quality of the First and Second lines of the platform.

We do not use your personal data for purposes other than those explained above.

What laws regulate that we may use your personal data?

According to the General Data Protection Regulations, we may only process your personal data if we have a valid reason for doing so. The GDPR states what these valid reasons are: consent, agreement, legal obligation, vital interest, public task / public interest or legitimate interest.

We use your data so that we can answer all your questions about the sars-cov-2 virus the effects of COVID-19 and the vaccinations against it.

The laws that apply here are:

  • General Data Protection Regulation Article 6 paragraph 1 under the GDPR.
  • When a telephone conversation is recorded in which medical data is also discussed, Article 9 paragraph 2 sub a of the GDPR apply.

How long do we keep your personal data?

For telephone calls, we store the recording, only with your permission, for 14 days. After that, they will be deleted. The registration of your phone number will be deleted by the end of this project. If we register your name for a callback appointment, your number will be deleted after contacting you by phone.

If we want to keep your data longer than indicated above, we ask permission for this. Unless we are required by law to keep them.

How do we protect your personal data?

We think it is important that your data is safe. To ensure its safety, we make agreements with the people and organizations that process the data. The agreements describe precisely how they secure your data. In this case, we have made such agreements with B.V. Nederlandse Hulpverleningsorganisatie – SOS International

What else do we do?

  • We make sure to work with tested secure systems. We test these systems ourselves and have them tested by an independent party.
  • Employees who work with your personal data know what they can and cannot do with the data. They must keep the personal data secret.
  • We work according to a fixed procedure and we comply with the laws and regulations that deal with personal data.

What are your rights?

These are your rights under the law:

  • You have the right to receive information on what happens to your personal data.
  • You have the right to view your personal data. You can get a copy of your data.
  • Is your data incorrect? Then we have to correct them.
  • You may require us to delete your personal data.
  • You may withdraw your consent to us processing your personal data

In all these situations, contact [email protected]

We do not give medical advice

When answering your questions on the sars-cov-2 virus and the effects of COVID-19 or the vaccines, we do not give out medical advice. Our healthcare professionals can generally answer all your questions, but we cannot go into your personal medical situation. This means that if and when you have specific questions about your health concerning sars-cov-2 , the effects of COVID-19 or the vaccines, we recommend that you discuss this with your treating general practitioner.

Telephone contact

In the case you speak to someone in our first or second line by phone GGD GHOR is responsible for your personal data. If you contact us with questions through the chat, not GGD GHOR, but GGH Hart voor Brabant (HvB) is processing your personal data. That is because the chat functionality is offered by GGD HvB, which means they are responsible for how to treat your data. For the handling of your personal data using the chat we would therefore like to refer you to the ‘Privacy Statement Chat’ by GGD HvB, which can also be found on this website.

If you use the chat function, GGD HvB is responsible for the processing of your personal data. When you talk to a healthcare professional by telephone, your personal data will be processed by GGD GHOR Nederland. In that case, not GGD HvB, but GGD GHOR Nederland is responsible for the processing of your personal data. For the handling of your personal data at the telephone line, we would like to refer to the ‘Privacy statement Telephone line’ of GGD GHOR Nederland, which can also be read on this website.

Do you have questions or complaints about what happens to your personal data?

Do you have questions or complaints about the use of your personal data? Please contact [email protected]

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your questions or complaints, you can contact the Data Protection Officer of GGD GHOR Nederland. The email address is  [email protected].

Have you submitted your complaint to the Data Protection Officer and have we dealt with your complaint, but do you not agree with the outcome or how your complaint has been handled? Then you can file a complaint about this with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This can be done via the website:


If necessary, we will amend this privacy statement. For example, if something changes in who processes personal data. Or what personal data we use.

We last amended this statement on December 22, 2021.

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